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We always have high need

for wool & merino blankets & clothing


Our bundles focus on providing babies with warm, natural fibres (wool, merino and cotton), proven to help newborns to regulate their body temperature. Unfortunately these garments often come with a higher price tag and are not easily attained by many.


By passing yours along, or donating knitted items you can deliver warmth to those who need it the most. 

Size PREM - 6 MONTHS. 
& Bedding
Moses baskets/

Knitted Vests/Singlets

'Fish and Chip' Vests

Knitted Jackets, Jumpers

Knitted Hats, Beanies and Booties

Knitted Blankets 

Wool/Merino Preferred but Acrylic items are also accepted.

Wool Blankets

Knitted Warm Blankets 

Swaddle Wraps - Cotton/Merino/Muslin

Light Cotton Blankets 

Bassinet Sheets

Bassinet Mattress Protectors/Underlay

We collect pre-loved and new

beds in clean, mould free condition to pass to those in need of a safe sleeping space for their babies.

For ease of storage and transport we cannot collect bassinet stands. 


Quality Merino or Cotton; All in One/Onesies 

Each pack includes some clean basic merino and/or cotton basics to layer under knitwear. 

Whilst we are always so grateful for all donations passed to us, please note our bundles only include clothing up to 6 months in size. We also do not include garments or blankets in polar fleece fabrics due to their inability to breathe and allow temperature regulation. 

If possible, we do ask garments be washed prior to donation.

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