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The people behind warming hearts

As midwives, Sara and Amber witness on a daily basis the true struggle families face in trying to provide adequate warm clothing and bedding for their newest family members. Babies are leaving hospital unclothed, with no bed to safely sleep in and often living in damp, cold, substandard housing.

Surely there had to be a way to provide warmth directly to these babies? No agencies, no restrictions, easy access relief to these babies and their families.   


So we got thinking... what if we could collect and collate pre-loved and new baby items from people across Auckland, create bundles of warmth and pass these to midwives to distribute to babies as the need presented? 

And so Warming Hearts NZ begun.  

Our bundles are focused heavily on warmth. Merino, wool and cotton - fabrics which allow babies to regulate body temperature and stay warm despite their living conditions. Garments that are not deemed affordable or accessible to many of these families.

Warming Hearts NZ has so far delivered bundles throughout the community for two years, recently becoming registered as an official NZ charity. We want to increase our impact, raise awareness and together we can make a difference. 

Watch this space and join us on our journey to warm as many hearts as we can. 

Amber Izzard

Co-Founder and Midwife

I work as a lead maternity carer out in the Auckland community. I have always had a passion for women's health and babies. I feel very privileged to work closely with women and their whanau to bring their beautiful babies into the world.

Throughout my nursing and midwifery career I have seen first hand the struggle that families go through. Unfortunately due to many different circumstances some families are unable to afford the warm essentials necessary for their new babies. Warming Hearts was set up to help support these kiwi families in need and it brings me great joy to bring warmth to these new and precious little lives.  

Victoria Dickinson

Co-Founder and Mother 

As a Mother of two young boys, I found I had accumulated a significant amount of warm baby clothing and bedding. I loved nothing more than my babies to be cosy and warm. 

I had no idea where to pass this clothing onto once they outgrew it and after speaking with Sara and hearing of the intense daily struggle some Mothers were experiencing in my own community, it made sense to pass it on to them... and from this experience, Warming Hearts NZ was formed. A way to allow all families and babies in our community access to warm essentials to keep them cosy and healthy particularly through the Winter months.  I look forward to making an even bigger impact through Warming Hearts NZ in the years to come.

Sara Izzard

Co-Founder, Midwife and Mother

I have been a community midwife in Auckland for the last 23 years. During this time I have worked with many families that are dealing with a variety of huge challenges while welcoming a new baby into their homes. I have seen firsthand the realities of a cold, damp, overcrowded house, of whole families living in garages, of new mothers and babies living in cars. Mums with very difficult social situations, new families arriving as refugees with very little. There are so many families that appreciate a helping hand in providing the basics of warm clothing for our chilly winter months. I have been able to pass on these warm baby bundles to many thankful families and know how grateful they are for the generosity of their fellow kiwis.  

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